Thursday, October 23, 2014

Number 1

      Hello. This is the first blog I've ever written! I like it so far. (I know I won't think so when it's a busy night and I don't want to blog, but for now it's okay). I don't really know this whole "blogging" business, but I think normal blogs are pretty long. 
      It's been a really rainy day today. It rained all night Wednesday night and all day today. I'm surprised that the roads aren't overflowing with water.
      I'm a middle school student, and I just moved up from elementary. At first, the middle school seemed impossible to navigate, but it's really just a three-floored rectangle.
      Luckily, I'm on the second-floor. The basement and upstairs are either really cold or really hot, but the middle floor is just perfect. I'm also lucky to have 2nd lunch. 1st lunch is way too early, and by the time 3rd lunch got around, I'd be so hungry I'd have a stomach ache, and then I couldn't eat anything! I'm on the middle floor and have the middle lunch of the middle school. I'm very middle.
      Good news: I'm in enrichment!
      Bad news: I have to miss library and computers for the rest of the year!
      Enrichment is actually kind of fun, though. today we went on the Chrome Books and learned how to use Google docs and Google Classroom. Google Classroom just came out this past August, so I'm glad that we're all "teched up". Wow, that was cheesy.
      My dad and I have this thing going where we watch all the old 60's "Batman" episodes. Today, Batman was in the Batcave, and using his Batcompass, he said, "It appears that North North Eastern of the batcave is in a North North Easternly direction." Fortunately, it was supposed to be cheesy.
      My school has a band program, and I play the trumpet. I took lessons for piano for 4 years, and I still do, but now I'm learning this, too. I can't make a perfect sound, but I'm working on it.
      I have a cute dog named Sally. She's a mix of a Spaniel, Labrador, and Retriever, and she's the weirdest but cutest dog ever. Seriously. She's afraid of a housefly, but not the lawnmower. 
      Well, I should probably wrap this up. Thanks for reading my first blog! Bye! 

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  1. Oooh, have you posted a picture of Sally on your blog? Would love to "meet" her. So great that you are in the middle. That makes me think of the fairytale Goldilocks and that you've got it *just right*! Cheesy, I know. :)